A Brand-New Player Experience


Take your sportsbook to the next level and give your players an unrivaled experience with play-by-play, real-time sports betting. The all-new CrystalBetting™ Terminal redefines the traditional sportsbook experience, bringing sports betting to life in a whole new way. Your players will love the familiar betting options while also exploring new features such as in-play wagering which keep them active during the entire event.

With a private and personal 27” interactive touch screen, players can stream multiple  sports events at the same time, while also placing individual bets, creating parlays, and interacting with in-play wagering options. Give players the privacy, comfort, and control they’ve been longing for, paired with unmatched live game excitement. It’s the perfect lineup to propel your sportsbook dynasty.

This product leverages ISI’s expertise in front-end, self-service sports betting software, and IGT’s pedigree in sports betting, land-based gaming hardware and casino distribution to create a world-class, versatile betting solution.

A Brand-New Player Experience

  • Real-time wagering: in addition to pre-game wagering, players are provided with extensive in-play and real-time wagering suggestions tailored to the events they’re watching
  • Personalized viewing experience: players can personalize their viewing experience by selecting the events they wish to stream live, as well as the betting views and in-game wagering

Betting-focused Design

  • In-play wagering opportunity: offered on all streamed events. Players can wager with cash directly at the terminal with no need to go to the counter.
  • VIP experience: multiple sports events streamed to a personal high-definition touch screen display
  • Privacy wings: partitions between terminals for increased confidentiality that sports bettors appreciate
  • Listen to event audio: an integrated audio jack enables players to listen to event audio with personal headsets
  • Charge personal electronic devices: the external USB charging port provides players with charging capabilities for their personal electronic devices
  • Increased personal space: an extended button deck creates plenty of room for food, drink, note taking, and personal electronic devices:
    –– Over-monitor down lighting provides a well-lit working space
  • Elevated comfort: ergonomic design with more personal space provides added comfort over longer play sessions
  • Industry-leading reliability and serviceability: built with the same integrity that you expect from IGT


  • Betting platform agnostic:
    –– Can be connected to IGT’s PlayShot™ betting platform or third-party solutions
    –– For more information on IGT’s PlayShot™ betting platform visit igt.com
  • 27” LCD touch screen with full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution